Welcome to my new blog!

Writing is a demanding and time consuming but also very rewarding  occupation. It also can be lonesome. I therefore highly value my contacts with fellow writers, for instance in the Historical Novel Society or with the Amsterdam Writers Group.
I can share ideas and manuscript ideas with them, while their constructive critiques help me to improve the quality of my stories. I therefore decided to start a new blog. One that allows me to share my thoughts and experiences with my fellow authors and with you.

I think I have found my “niche”  in writing historical fiction, with some emphasis on WW2 related subjects. It is in this context that 9 other authors and I are working on a box set of 10 stories, revolving around a central theme: the outbreak of the pacific war.
Here’s the cover:


It is an international project in which authors from the UK, Eire, Australia and other countries are participating. The box set will be released by the end of this year, to commemorate the 75th “anniversary” of the attack on Pearl Harbor.
I will use this blog to keep you all informed about the progress and availability.