The “Stork Flats…”

Also interested in a hassle free, safe and utterly calm environment to raise your kids? TFR44 023

These storks know a thing or two about that. They built their nests in a pylon of the national grid where they are protected by live wires that carry a whopping 350.000 volts. Not many intruders are mad enough to try and sneak up!

TFR44 014_2

Here’s mother Stork, preening herself while her young kid serenely looks down at us earthlings from their airy, commodious and safe apartment …

The Lure of the Ocean…

130826_T9 049Those of you who have sailed – not on a cruise ship or a ferry – know the feeling.
The wide, far-away horizon; the immense cupola of the sky and the glittering path of the sun. The ship forever moving and forever seeming to stay in one place, day after day…
To you, I dedicate this photo, taken from a vantage point near Den Helder in the north of Holland.


Brighten up your day

“…qui fleurit sa maison, fleurit son Coeur…”

An old French proverb and believe me, it is true.
There’s nothing like flowers to brighten up your day, your house, your heart…
TFR43 002

These are roses from my own garden

TFR43 004

Decorating the living room now