Camp NaNoWriMo…

Or – How to Pressure Cook a novel

Being a member of The Amsterdam Creative Writers Group is a great pleasure and very stimulating. But by the end of June last, we must have suffered from a serious bout of collective over-enthusiasm. The whole group enrolled in


We opened up a ‘cabin’ and full of youthful zeal pledged that all of us would write at least 2000 words a day during the month of July.  The snag was that the results were  painfully visible through the NaNoWriMo Cabin stats.  So we all slogged on, inwardly muttering about our stupidity to accept this kind of challenge.

southto-safety_coverI used this commitment to get my slightly bogged down ‘South – to Safety’ project up and running again. And yes, I made my target of 97.000 words and the novel is nearly completed as a draft.
The story follows a British girl, a Dutch RAF trained  pilot, an Australian truck driver, a flawed English fighter pilot and an American newspaper correspondent in their struggle to survive the Japanese invasion of Malaya, the fall of Singapore and the invasion of the Dutch East Indies.
A wartime thriller, packed with drama, suspense and action that will keep you turning pages until the survivors escape to Australia. Now “under construction“; to be released Q3 2017



A Tribute to Bach

(And to Tersite and Henk)

The beauty of Bach’s baroque music is timeless, its reach limitless.
Most of us instinctively recognize his work, even though we are no connoisseur’s of classical music.

Tersite Ayele-flute

I am privileged to have some classically trained musicians in my circle of friends and one of them, Henk Bloemers, has recently done something quite out of the ordinary.
He and his late Partner Tersite Ayele have recorded a number of Bach themes but in a present day setting. Called “Bach after Midnight”, the album offers an unusual and very ‘easy listening’ version of these well known scores.
Sadly, Ayele has passed away.
But their common love for Baroque music lives on, as you will experience when you click on the link below and listen to the work of two great, gifted musicians.