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The Java Gold Series


When I was still in high-school, I became interested in the Pacific war and, especially, what had happened in the former Dutch possessions – now the republic of Indonesia. Over the years I collected information (research would be too grand a word for that), primarily about aviation in those times. But gradually the larger, geo-political picture dawned on me and facts and occurrences fell into place and started to form a coherent (and not very pretty) picture of what had happened in those days, now so long behind us.
I decided to write a story about this period and what started as a short, snappy adventure novel is now becoming a mini-series of (at least) four volumes.
Take a look at “The Odyssey”( ) or “Winds of Fortune ( ) and you’ll see what I mean…

Pearl Harbor and More


A truly intercontinental team of eight writers, including me, has worked together to create this anthology of eight stories all centred on the date of the Japanese surprise attack and the start of the Pacific War. The stories are all set in different locations around the world and give you a very good feeling for each author’s style and strengths.
Reactions have been very positive so far.


Editorial Reviews


“The war exposes the hopes, dreams, and true mettle of men and women in all the countries involved in the conflict, which the authors perceptively realize in eight brief yet remarkable stories…These simple stories, nicely crafted accounts of the notorious “day of infamy” 75 years ago and its aftermath, depict the diverse responses to this event that changed lives forever. Highly recommended historical fiction.”  Historical Novels Review, Issue 80 (May 2017)                                                             

“A brilliant snap shot of a brief and pivotal moment in world history…illustrated by some fine writing talent…This gripping collection is highly recommended.” ~ Christoph Fischer, author of Ludwika, Metamorph Publishing’s Summer Indie Awards Historical Fiction winner

“What I loved about this collection is that it addresses so many of the different aspects of the Second World War. Each of the contributing authors, in their own voice, and with their own unique perspective, tells an important tale of a very complex time in history.” ~ Roberta Kagan, author of the ‘All My Love Detrick‘ series

“A showcase for eight talented writers of World War 2 fiction, I was fascinated to see the variety that emerged from each author’s treatment of the theme…For anyone interested in WW2 fiction, this is an ideal sampler.” ~ JJ Toner, author of The Black Orchestra

“A diverse and interesting collection of stories set at the time of Pearl Harbour. The characters are well drawn and through their eyes unexpected aspects of war are revealed.” ~ Alrene Hughes, author of ‘Martha’s Girls‘ WW2 Family Saga Series

“I loved the fact each one dealt with a different perspective/impact of the events that occurred on December 7, 1941 and the repercussions, not just for America, but for the entire world.” ~ Ellie Keaton, author of the ‘Women and War‘ series

Available in Kindle format and as paperback. You’ll find us at:

South, to Safety

South,to Safety_Cover.png

In this full length novel, the story started in “A Rude Awakening”  continues until it reaches its logical conclusion with the escape of the survivors to Australia. It describes the struggles, sufferings and desperate actions of a British girl, a RAF trained Dutch pilot, an Australian truck driver, a failed English fighter pilot and an American newspaper correspondent during the Malayan campaign, the fall of Singapore, the struggle for the Dutch East Indies and – finally – the fall of Java. The novel is full of suspense, drama, intrigue and action.
Now “under construction” and to be released Q1 2010.