Hi there, glad to meet you. I am a Dutch – Canadian author with roots on both sides of the Atlantic. I am proud to be a father of two great children, both talented professionals in their own right, as well as being grandfather to a wonderful grandson.

I grew up bi-lingual and was educated in the exact sciences and computer technology. My  interests in art, literature, classical music, painting and photography provide a nice contradiction, as does my profound interest in current history . As a result, I have also become an author of what can be classified as Historical Fiction, novels with a strong slant towards action, (military) aviation and suspense.

I chose this genre because it allows me to weave my story into a solid framework of historical facts. My current books (“The Java Gold” series) are a good example. Broadly speaking the story is about a cargo of pure gold that is lost and the efforts of various people to retrieve it. The background for Book One  is the Japanese conquest of South-East Asia (early 1942) and its aftermath. For Book Two I have used the Indonesian struggle for independence as a background. I will select a relevant historical background for all subsequent volumes of this series.
Incidentally, the feedback from my readers shows that most of them appreciate this approach, providing the historical background is well researched and does not dominate the story. Just have a look at “My Books”  (in the menu) and you’ll learn more. And those of you who are interested in the aviation side of things: have a look at my other blog : https://thejavagoldblog.wordpress.com/

I recently started to post a series of what I call ‘Cameo’s‘, short impressions of the life of a boy growing up in Amsterdam in the early 1950’s. The posts describe a society and a way of life that is inconceivable for the present generations. A life in a country that was slowly recovering from five years of brutal German occupation. A life in a city, Amsterdam, that was slowly being re-built. A life that was essentially basic, lacking the appliances and services that are taken for granted nowadays. Most of the stories are based on personal experiences and to give a better ‘feel’ for how it was, I illustrate them with photographs from that period.

One of my other passions is cooking. I love good food – from all around the world – and you’ll frequently see posts, giving recipes or suggestions. Be aware of the fact that I go for the  real taste of simple, honest dishes; the ones that can be made with a few ingredients and a minimum of utensils.

Enjoy my blog!

One thought on “About Robert Kingsley

  1. Hello Robert, First, I want to tell you how much I enjoy your blog. I have long been fascinated with the early phases of the Pacific War and related subjects. By all means keep up the good work. You have answered a lot of questions for me, as well as providing thoroughly fascinating reading. I have a question for you. My father was a member of a mobile radar unit in the 5th USAAF and he brought back a number of photographs. One of these is of a USAAF Curtiss CW22/SNC Falcon that he took at Iron Range Airfield in North Queensland in the fall of 1942. I wanted to forward a scan of it to you (if you’re interested) and wasn’t quite sure how to go about it. Please advise. Thanks, Jim Wallace


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